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The Word of Truth Baptist Church is a fellowship of individual believers in Christ who have banded together to promote "the gospel of the grace of God" and the Word of God, rightly divided (Acts 20:24; 2 Timothy 2:15). The purposes of the Word of Truth Baptist Church are to win the lost to Christ, and to edify, unify, and equip individual believers in the way of the Lord more perfectly according to the revelation of the mystery given to the Apostle Paul for the body of Christ.

Our church teaches that Christians are to "hold the traditions" which were taught by Paul to the body of Christ. We believe the entire Bible is for us, but not necessarily to us and that rightly dividing the word of truth as commanded by the Lord through Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles, is the only way to avoid mis-applying Biblical truths that are not present truths to the body of Christ. The Apostle Paul tells us that the things written before are for the Christians to learn to have hope through the patience and comfort of the scriptures.

We also find that historical traditions contained in the writings of men are a poor substitute for Biblical truth and often result in the spoiling of the believer by either bringing them into captivity or destroying them.

This website only contains a snapshot of our beliefs, but we hope that it gives you an idea regarding the truths that we believe.

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith


This church holds the following statement of faith as being a summary of Christian doctrine whose authority consists only in its agreement with the word of God. The Statement of Faith does not exhaust the extent of our faith. The Bible itself is the sole and final source of all that we believe. We do believe, however, that the foregoing Statement of Faith accurately represents the teaching of the Bible, and therefore, is binding upon all members.

No attempt is made in this statement of faith to list scripture references for the doctrines and convictions herein listed as such a practice is more becoming a text of theology than a creedal statement such as this. Neither should these beliefs as listed be necessarily viewed as if in an ascending or descending order of magnitude or importance.
  1. We believe the AV 1611 King James Bible to be the perfect and infallible word of God. We believe the word of God is inspired in its origination and preservation; hence divinely preserved throughout its various generations and languages until it reached us in its present form. By this we mean that the AV 1611 preserves the very words of God in the form in which He wished them to be represented in the universal language of these last days: English. Each word is therefore sacred and as such is, in our minds, exempted from the pilferage of presumptuous scholars, whether they be of the Alexandrian variety or of the "conservative," Traditional (Byzantine) type.
  2. We believe in the right division of the word of truth, carefully noting doctrinal differences that exist between the various ages in which God has dealt with mankind differently and has given man different responsibilities. As such, we embrace a moderate dispensationalism akin to that of C. I. Scofield of a generation ago and that of P. S. Ruckman of this generation. As dispensationalists, we are careful not to over divide and thereby reject scriptural doctrines such as water baptism (see statement IV below), repentance, confession of sins to God, assembly at the local church with other saved people, which rejection has become the habit of some of the brethren of hyper-dispensationalistic persuasion. • We believe this moderate division of the word is the only legitimate solution to many of the supposed discrepancies in the scriptures. Not dividing the scriptures can lead to a mixture of truth and error, which so often leads to grave heresy.
  3. We believe that salvation in this age (church age) is by grace through faith in the blood and finished atonement of Jesus Christ at Calvary as revealed to the Apostle Paul. In this age (church age) man's responsibility before God is to believe the gospel in order for God to impute the righteousness of Christ to him at the moment of his belief. However, man's responsibility in order for God to impute righteousness to him in other ages varies, i.e.; faith and works in the Tribulation.
  4. We believe that believers should be immersed in water after being saved. Such believers baptism is one of the two ordinance but is not a means of grace.
  5. We believe the other ordinance to be the Lord's Supper or Communion. This is a memorial and again, not a means of grace.
  6. We believe in a pre-millennial, pre-tribulational translation or rapture of the Church.
  7. We believe in a universal and invisible Church which is entered into by an individual at the moment of salvation. The agent of this transaction is the Holy Spirit who baptizes that believer spiritually into the Church invisible: the Body of Christ. We believe that the Church is manifested visibly through the local churches. We believe that a visible church of Christ is a congregation of baptized believers, associated by covenant in the faith and the fellowship of the Gospel, observing the ordinances of Christ, governed by His laws, and exercising the gifts and privileges invested in them by His word; that its only Scriptural officers are bishops (pastors) and deacons, whose qualifications, claims, and duties are defined in the epistles to Timothy and to Titus. This church is an independent local autonomy, governed internally by the bishop and responsible only to the Lord Jesus Christ. And as such stands outside the jurisdiction of any Federal or State governmental authority, however, possesses the ability to voluntarily cooperate with such governments as it deems prudent in accordance with Romans 13. Its ministries include glorifying the Saviour, edifying the saints, and evangelizing the world for Christ. We reject the so-called Baptist Bride positions and their theories on the Church, Baptism, the nature of John Baptist's work, etc.
  8. We believe the miracle signs and gifts to belong primarily to Israel, dispensationally speaking, and that these signs as practiced by the Charismatics and Apostolics are exercised mainly in the flesh, are most often fraudulent, and sometimes demonic and devilish in nature.
  9. We believe that a depraved and sinful nature and a naturally dead spirit does not hinder a man from being a free moral agent who is capable and expected by God to will and believe and respond to the admonitions of the Gospel. Men are free to reject God's graciousness in providing a free salvation. Further, Jesus Christ died for "all" without exception.
  10. We believe a man is secured in his salvation eternally and unconditionally in this age at the moment he believes. This condition is secured by the numerous irreversible works of God and the Holy Spirit.
  11. We believe that the saints should be separate from the world as pilgrims and sojourners, that the world is evil in its nature and that Satan is its primary god and governor.
  12. We believe in the active and vigorous pursuit of lost sinners by street preaching, tract distribution, door-to-door witnessing and any other reasonable and appropriate methods of sowing the seed of the word of God.
  13. We believe the trinitarian doctrine of the Godhead and therefore believe Jesus Christ not only to be the Son of God but also God Himself, the image of God, God manifest in the flesh. We also find abundant evidence that the Holy Spirit as both God's and Christ's Spirit is Himself God, as well.
  14. We reject ecumenicism in all of its various forms.
  15. We believe in a literal, hot and burning Hell. It was prepared for the the Devil and his angels to be their future place of habitation; and serves as the abode for the damned.
Church Covenant

Church Covenant


We, the willing members of Word of Truth Baptist Church of Attleboro, MA, do hereby covenant and agree before God and our fellow Christians to hold the following biblical admonitions in high regard not only in the presence of the brethren but also before the lost so as to demonstrate the true Christian character and spirituality that the Spirit of God may move among us and them and that our witness, testimony and the words of the living God may be presented in truth and in purity with out hindrance from us.
  • That we will submit ourselves one to the other in honor preferring one another.
  • That we will learn to forgive one another even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven us.
  • That we will care for one another, the elder guiding the younger in the Lord, and by work and deed being spiritual examples both to express God's presence and be humbly used as God wishes to strengthen those we have given to our fellowship.
  • That we will pray for one another with compassion and concern, and seek each other's welfare in any time of trouble.
  • That we will unite together at every opportunity of organized service to worship in spirit and truth with prepared hearts and minds in joyful communion.
  • That we will continue faithful in supporting the church and it's ministries as we are prospered in obedience to the scripture while seeking no temporal reward but looking for His blessings and love, realizing that if we sow bountifully we will reap bountifully.
  • That we will consider the world our adversary and our presence in it temporary while remaining un-entangled with its affairs to better be available to our Lord's desires.
  • Further, that it is the words of the scripture and not the message or doctrine that is vital and that we possess these words by the mercy and grace of God in the confines of the Authorized or King James Bible entirely and without error.
  • That it is the expressed and clear purpose of this church as all churches of true believers, to disseminate, teach, promote, publish, distribute in several forms, proclaim by voice in any righteous manner, and preserve these words as directed and supplied by the Spirit of God, to the fullest extent possible before the resurrection of the Body of Christ in what we know as the rapture, or translation of the saints.
  • That we will consistently, both in an organized and individual manner, no member excepted, seek to win those who are not yet converted to the salvation of Christ not only in this country and location but as far as possible throughout the world in anyway not inconsistent with the teaching of scripture by the power and leadership of the Holy Spirit and that this purpose will exist as a major part of our lives.
  • That we will forsake the standards of the world and seek to be guided strictly from above, not engaging in the use of alcohol and other recreational mind altering substances or dressing according to the whimsical dictates or carnal expressions of modern fashion and style where these depart from decency and common sense, but seeking to appear modest and not extreme in dress or behavior, recognizing that man looks on the outward appearance.
  • That our speech may be of a spiritual nature, and not vulgar or blasphemous and that we would be slow to speak but ready always to give an answer of the hope that is in us.
  • That the Bishop shall have the full authority in all matters regarding the church in order that he may exercise the gifts given to him by the Holy Ghost.
  • That the Bishop will seek the wise counsel of the men of this church, as he deems necessary and possible, in order to make decisions for the church and that they will pray that God will guide the Bishop in making those decisions.
  • That we would follow as God directs the leadership of the church through the Bishop (pastor), praying for such leadership, trusting that God will correct and take full responsibility for the man of God, and should disagreement arise that we would follow the scriptural admonition and by grace seek understanding.
  • That this church functions, not as a democracy, but as a body under the Headship of the Lord Jesus Christ and at the direction of the Bishop as the under-shepherd. Members of this church are not individually afforded with any property, contract, or civil rights based upon principles of democratic government except that they may remove themselves at any time that they so choose.
  • That our children, given of God, will learn to know Him by our actions as well as our teachings and these will be brought up in the guidance of scripture, disciplined with truth and love for His purposes, cared for and nurtured as they are the future of any true work of God and that we will always keep before us our heavenly reward realizing that the cares and trials of this life cannot be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us at His appearing. Even so, come Lord Jesus. Amen.

Bro. Edward R. Cross
Bishop and Pastor

Adopted: May 17, 1998
Frequently Asked Questions
What about CCM - Contemporary Christian Music?

What about CCM - Contemporary Christian Music?

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CCM is an acronym for Contemporary Christian Music. It is comprised of various categories such as Christian Rock, Christian Rap, Christian Hip Hop, etc. The one thing all of these have in common is that they are not Christian at all.

What is at the center of CCM is not Christ, but self. It is not uncommon to hear the modern Christian musician or listener express his or her feelings towards CCM as being the music that they like. Today, many professing believers think that they can worship and offer God what ever they choose. However, the Bible is full of examples of people who tried to worship God their own way and offer to God that which was not in agreement with his word. These worship the Lord in vain.

When I got saved in the 70's, it never entered my mind that I could take my devilish, sensual music and somehow transform it into something that I would offer to God. Hymns and spiritual songs were certainly not the style of music that I loved or enjoyed as a lost man. They had no appeal to the flesh.

Yet, this modern generation who are marked by being "lovers of their own selves" and being "lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God" think nothing of it as they put on their "form of godliness." It is also not uncommon amongst the CCM crowd to find them listening to their old devilish music as well. Some of CCM's performers even profess to get their inspiration from groups like the Beatles, etc. This Burger King generation is insistent that they do things their own way as they parade around in their paper crowns as paper kings.

Why Don’t You Have An Age-segregated Sunday School?

Why Don't You Have An Age-segregated Sunday School?

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Let me make it clear at the beginning that our not having an age-segregated Sunday School is not stating that churches that do are not right with God. They may or may not be, depending on the real reason why they do and how they do it.

We are instructed by 1 Thessalonians 5:21 to “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” In so doing it is important that we look past the immediate gratification of the short term seeming benefits towards the long term effects that could result over time. Having spent many years in children's ministry both Age-segregated Sunday School and Junior church programs, I am very well aware of the supposed benefits of such programs. However, I am also not unfamiliar with some of the long-term effects that these and other programs can have. Modern Christianity has replaced Christians actually living and serving as ministers of reconciliation with programs that are designed to do what they were not doing without the program.

Let me share some of the issues that I have seen with the Age-segregated Sunday School program that make me doubtful as to it's long-term effectiveness.

The scripture is silent regarding Age-segregated Sunday School. You will not find Age-segregated Sunday School mentioned in the scriptures. There is plenty of support for Bible teaching, yet there is no specific example or pattern of this Age-segregated Sunday School program or other programs. The scripture being silent on a matter however does not necessarily indicate that it is wrong, as it makes no mention of cars, planes, trains, etc., or even church buildings. But again the admonition is to prove all things.

I mention the silence of the scripture regarding Age-segregated Sunday School and other programs because of the idolatrous attitude towards them displayed by many of their supporters. In talking with preachers and lay people, I have found this attitude that if you don't have Age-segregated Sunday School then you're church is not right with God. I have spoken with parents who insist that their child needs a Age-segregated Sunday School and they wouldn't consider a church that didn't provide one. Children's ministries seem to be a sacred cow amongst their proponents, even though the scripture makes no specific mention of them. Historically, Age-segregated Sunday School is of relatively recent origins, yet it is adhered to as if it came down on golden plates or were part of the Ten Commandments. Age-segregated Sunday School is not the only program that churches have adopted which seems to bring about this same idolatrous attitude. I question the validity of any program that produces such an idolatrous attitude amongst it's proponents especially when the scripture itself provides no specific revelation regarding it.

Many who promote Age-segregated Sunday School do so merely as an exercise of tradition. As far as they are concerned there has always been Age-segregated Sunday School, or we have always done it this way. For pastors, it can merely be that the church that they came from had Age-segregated Sunday School so we must have it also, it is just what we do and we must maintain the status quo. Little time, if any is spent seeking God's leadership, as to having one. It is simply done because that is what churches are supposed to do.

Age-segregated Sunday School advocates appeal to statistics to bolster their position. It is not uncommon to hear that statistically more people accept Christ as a child and as they get older it becomes harder to reach them for Christ. This has caused what I believe to be an over emphasis on children's ministries. There is a prevalent worldly philosophy that is used to get laws passed which seemingly go relatively unchallenged when they are put forth as "we have to do it for the children." It is frightening to see this same philosophical underpinning behind children's ministries.

However, again the scriptural examples reveal what appears to be a primarily adult ministry. We don't see Paul emphasizing children's ministries because adults are too hard to win. The reality is it is easier to get children to do just about anything given the right motivation or manipulation, however with no guarantee of any sincerity in what they do. Children are much easier to manipulate into compliance to which any pedophile can attest. The fact that you can get a child to agree with you at least outwardly easier than you can an adult does not necessarily equate to salvation, but compliance to the will of an adult or someone they are wanting to please. Children can be just as disingenuous as adults. As salvation is a work of the Holy Spirit, who is fully capable of bringing conviction to the heart of adults as well as children as we see in the scripture, we need to be careful that we are not merely employing sales tactics that serve only to illicit a verbal agreement, but lack a heart moved decision based on Holy Spirit conviction. It is not our job to manipulate them into making a false profession that they neither understand nor mean.

Age-segregated Sunday School can also indirectly support the worldly concept of a generation gap between children and their parents. I realize that this is not intended, but Age-segregated Sunday School can exacerbate the attitude amongst young people where they would prefer being with people their own age than spending time with their families. As the world already separates children into pier groups, I see no reason for the church to follow suit, especially in the teen age years. It is important that our children be with adults and especially parents so they can learn what being an adult is rather than to be with their piers who think that they know better than the adults. God forbid that Christian teens would rather be at youth group than with mom and dad.

The end result of this philosophy produces immature self-centered adults which is the current plague in professing Christianity. Is it any wonder that so many of the adults that grew up in Age-segregated Sunday School's that were geared to give them what they wanted so that it would be fun, now want adult church to be conducted the same way? The church may simply be reaping what it sowed in the hearts of these young people: church that is geared for them, where they are the focus.

Another issue that arises from Age-segregated Sunday School is the result of creating a machine that must be manned and managed. Age-segregated Sunday School is very demanding; requiring a number of qualified teachers. However, the demand of the machine at many times has resulted in an unqualified person being used to fill a vacancy.; the only ability required being availability as the class must go on. I have heard of cases were persons saved for less than a month were placed in as a Age-segregated Sunday School teacher. With the promotion of canned Sunday School curriculums, a personal walk with God and personal Bible understanding are no longer necessary. The necessity to have a teacher in a class has resulted in far too many unqualified people being used and too many pastors making a poor choice because of the lack of sufficient qualified people.

Paul had told Timothy to commit the things that he had learned to faithful men who would be able to teach others also. However, it is not surprising to see the vast majority of Age-segregated Sunday School teachers being women and not men at all. Again, we are not dismissing the importance of women in teaching their own children and grandchildren in the home as Timothy had learned the scriptures at an early age from his mother and grandmother. Yet, the scriptural emphasis on male leadership and teaching cannot simply be ignored because it doesn't fit the demands of modern culture.

The Christian home is suffering because of the lack of fathers taking their responsibility to bring their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, but rather defaulting to the Age-segregated Sunday School program to take care of it. I find it far more important to place the burden of training up children in the way they should go on the parents exactly where God has placed it. As the church cannot be expected to fulfill the other duties that a man has to his wife or to his family, it is wrong to expect that it should fulfill this responsibility simply because the parents have opted out. We preach against the welfare mentality of shirking responsibility, yet Age-segregated Sunday School may very well lend it self to that same spirit.

One of the few benefits of having spent a number of years teaching Age-segregated Sunday School was that as a teacher you find yourself in a position that you had to study to prepare a lesson to give to the children every week. This got me into the word on a regular basis and was helpful to me at the time. Although, I don't believe that is a reason we ought to have Age-segregated Sunday School, I do think that it shows that when a responsibility is laid upon someone shoulders, it helps them to also grow spiritually. Have our fathers been done a dis-service by the church carrying this responsibility for them? Have they missed out on having to seek out of the book of the Lord to provide for their own children? We stress that if a man doesn't provide for his own household that he is worse than an infidel when it comes to physical things. Why is this emphasis not placed more importantly on providing the spiritual things?

Having said all that, I hope you can see some of the reason that we do not have an Age-segregated Sunday School and have chosen rather to help our families by putting the responsibility upon them where it belongs. Again, I am not saying that a church that has a Age-segregated Sunday School is not right with God, it could be they have found a solution to the pitfalls that I have seen. If so, then God bless them as they follow the Lord in how He would lead them.

Does your Church support Ecumenical unity?

Does your Church support Ecumenical unity?

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Word of Truth's unity and cooperation with other churches is based upon "doctrine." The Bible's admonishment is to separate from those who would not be in agreement with the core fundamentals of the faith. Unity for "unity's sake" is outright compromise and merely adopted for pragmatic reasons; it is by no means spiritual. We are quite friendly and fellowship very well with those of like precious faith with whom we cooperate on a spiritual level, avoiding the philosophy of strength in numbers which would cause us to depend on the arm of the flesh, rather than on the Lord to bring about results. The machinations of men are not necessary to accomplish the simplicity that is in Christ in carrying out God's call.

Is Your Church Charismatic?

Is Your Church Charismatic?

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The short answer is absolutely not! The reason for this is a stronger belief in the words of God than in the alleged experiences of man.

Any one who has read the Bible should know that the apostolic signs (2 Cor 12:12) are signs given to Jewish apostles (Mark 16:12-20) because the Jews require a sign (1 Cor 1:22). These signs are manifest in the book of the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 2:43) as they follow the ministry of the Jewish apostles whose word was to be confirmed with signs following (Mark 16:20).

The history of the signs begins with a nation called out by God (Deut 4:34) who doubt the word of their God sent leader (Ex 4.9). This same nation is given the Sabbath as a sign between God and them, (Ezek 20:12) which no one knew about until God revealed it to Moses at Mt. Sinai, (Neh 9:14). So, when the Lord himself shows up, as the prophet like unto Moses, he knows he is dealing with a nation who without the signs won't believe (John 4:48, Acts 2:22). And the Lord himself bears witness through the Acts of the Apostles (Heb 2:4) to a nation, that despite the manifestation of God's power through his Son and through his apostles (Acts 2:43, 5:12, 6:8, 14:3, 15:12, 19), is too temporarily blinded as revealed by the Apostle Paul (Rom 11:25), the apostle of the Gentiles.

With blindness in part happening unto Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles, the sign gifts manifested for Israel's sake slowly fade from the scene. Even the Apostle Paul leaves his ministerial friends behind sick, (2 Tim 4:20) as God's dealing with Israel are postponed while he provokes them to jealousy through the body of Christ, (Rom 11:11).

It is no surprise for a Bible believer to see the spirit of anti-christ (1 John 2:18; 4:3) manifested through lying apostles whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders (2 Thess 2:9). If tried, according to the word of God, they are found as liars (Rev 2:2), whilst they are deceiving and being deceived, (2 Tim 3:13). As the dispensation of grace comes to a close while the fullness of the Gentiles comes in, it is not surprising to see an increase in those claiming to have the signs as God prepares to go back to dealing with Israel as a nation. The deceivers will be on deck for these end times, (2Cor 11:13, Matt 24:11, 24).

Is your Church a Ruckmanite Church?

Is your Church a Ruckmanite Church?

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Our church is a "Bible-believing" church. "Bible-believing" means we preach and teach from the Bible which we believe to be the inerrant and authoritative word of God. We preach and teach from the King James Bible. In other words, we believe the King James Bible to be the inerrant and authoritative word of God - the inspired and preserved word of God for the English speaking people. This means we do not correct or change any of it's words by referring to ancient dead languages, nor the scholarship of those that claim to understand them, which scholarship varies from scholar to scholar. We simply believe the book that God in His providence has given to us.

Because we are a “Bible-believing” church, we typically get labeled as a “ruckmanite” church. The basis for the label is Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, the pastor of an independent Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida and founder of the Pensacola Bible Institute. Dr. Ruckman has been one of the leading proponents for the King James Bible in the debate over whether the King James Bible has errors or is in fact the word of God for the English speaking people. Basically, he takes a very strong stand for the King James Bible. So what has happened is that anyone who takes a stand for the King James Bible that is stronger than say, David Cloud's stand, gets labeled a "ruckmanite."

The difference between their positions is basically, I think summed up in the difference between whether the King James Bible is the inspired and preserved word of God for the English speaking people or the King James Bible is the preserved and inspired word of God for the English speaking people, so the argument is over the transmission of the text. As far as I am concerned, the end result is the same either way, that the King James Bible that we profess to believe is inerrant (without error) and without need of correction, but should be believed and taught to the English speaking people and should be the final authority in all matters of faith and practice, thus making any reference to ancient dead languages unnecessary and often mis-leading.

Again, being an "independent" church, we owe no loyalty or allegiance to any Bible preacher or teacher, whether it is Peter Ruckman, David Cloud, Charles Spurgeon, G.B.Vick, J. Frank Norris or D.L. Moody, etc.; that loyalty and allegiance belongs only to the Lord Jesus Christ and His word, the King James Bible. We believe the Apostle Paul’s teaching in this regard. Who are any of these men? “…but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man…” These men may have labored, “but God gave the increase.” Seeing then that it is “God that giveth the increase,” none of these men are “anything” see 1 Corinthians 3:5-7. Because of this where any Bible teacher agrees with that book, we consider them friends; where they disagrees with that book, we disagree with them; where they correct that book, we feel no remorse in correcting them with the book that they attempt to correct.